Teenager Fostering

Make a Lasting Difference in a Teenager's Life

Every teenager deserves a safe and supportive environment where they can grow, flourish, and navigate the challenges of adolescence. At Acorn Fostering Services, we understand the importance of fostering teenagers in Leicestershire, who are often overlooked in favour of younger children in the UK fostering system. But by opening your heart and home to a teenager, you have the opportunity to provide them with the care, stability, and guidance they need in this crucial stage in their lives. Fostering a teen offers a chance to make a lasting impact and empower young individuals to reach their full potential. Learn more about teenager fostering placements here at Acorn Fostering Services and learn how to become a foster carer today.

Supporting Teenagers in Foster Care

Teenagers in the foster care system often face unique challenges and require nurturing foster carers who can provide direction that puts them on the right path during this transitional period. While many prefer to foster younger children, fostering a teenager comes with its own rewards and opportunities. Since you won’t need to supervise them at all times, it involves fewer physical demands. They’ll have increased independence by being in school full-time and hanging out with their friends. This allows a foster carer like you to focus on helping them develop essential life skills, manage their emotions, heal from their past, and maximize their educational potential as you prepare them for adulthood.

Your Support Will Lead to Their Success

Teenagers need stability and consistency in their lives, especially during the often tumultuous adolescent years. By fostering a teenager, you can offer them a stable home setting where they can feel safe, supported, and encouraged. As a foster carer, you play a vital role in helping them build resilience, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and form positive relationships that can shape their future.

Fostering a teenager also provides the opportunity to help them explore their interests, talents, and aspirations. You can help them discover their passions, set goals, and pursue their dreams. Your guidance as their foster carer will empower them to believe in themselves and achieve success on their own terms.

Navigating Their Teen Years Together

Fostering a teenager is a collaborative journey where foster carers and teenagers work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate achievements. Teenagers can communicate their needs and feelings much more clearly than younger children, which makes this ongoing collaborative process easier and opens the door for deeper conversations. Having you in their life as a positive role model and source of support can be one of the best things for them, as it will provide them with a more balanced sense of strength and security as they navigate relationships, education, and career choices.

Being a foster carer for a teenager can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Witnessing their personal growth and watching them accomplish their goals can fill your heart with pride and joy! You will help create a foundation for their successful future, and the bonds and connections you forge will leave a lifelong impact on both you and the teen.

Become a Foster Carer for a Teenager Today

We invite you to join our fostering family here at Acorn Fostering Services and make a remarkable difference in the lives of teenagers throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding counties. By fostering a teenager, you have the power to forever shape the rest of their life by providing the care and support they desperately need during this critical time. We welcome individuals and families of all different backgrounds passionate about supporting young people and guiding them towards a bright and healthy future.

When you become a foster carer, we will equip you with the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to meet the specific needs and unique challenges associated with teenager fostering. You won’t be alone in this journey! Our experienced team is always available to provide guidance, support, and practical assistance whenever you need it. Contact us today to learn more about teenager fostering and how you can join our fostering family today.

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Our Teachers

Our Qualified Teacher

Shadab Ahmad

Director and ADM

Director Shadab is a qualified social worker with over 32 years post qualifying experience. He has an MA in social work and has worked in Local Authorities and the NSPCC as a manager before setting up Acorn Fostering Services in 2004. His main area of interest is protecting vulnerable children and providing them with new opportunities. He has experience of working with children in need, looked after children and child protection cases.

Anupam Srivastava


Director Anupam is a qualified social worker with over 34 years of post-qualification experience in social work. He has an MA in social work and worked with both statutory and voluntary sector. Prior to setting up Acorn Fostering Services in 2004, he was a neighbourhood Coordinator with Leicester City Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Programme. Anupam has vast experience of working with children and families.

Kshama Srivastava


Director Kshama has a background in Human Resources Management. Up until June 2014 she was working as a Human Resources professional in the NHS. In 2014, Kshama decided to leave her employment with the NHS to play an active role in Acorn Fostering Services. In her capacity as a Director, Kshama has assumed a lead responsibility for consultation with Staff, Foster carers and other stakeholders, Policy Review, and development along with bringing a vast and valuable contribution in the form of her knowledge and skills and abilities in the field of HR Management.

Lionel Boyce

Registered Manager

Lionel has 43 years’ experience of working in the social care field, ranging from his early work with people with severe mental and physical disabilities and working and managing in older person’s homes, working with children and families in a child care team. Over the last 25 years, Lionel has worked with children, in a child care operations team in various local authorities. Lionel moved to fostering in 1993 initially as a social worker and then as a team manager and service manager with local authorities and independent fostering agencies.

Julie Bailey

Deputy Manager

Julie has 13 years’ experience as a qualified Social Worker with Acorn Fostering Services. Julie started her social work career with Acorn in 2009, firstly as a Supervising Social Worker, then as Acorn’s Recruitment Officer. In October 2015 Julie moved to the post of Placement Manager where she has been able to use her knowledge of our fostering households to inform the risk and assessment process when matching placements. In October 2016 Julie was promoted to Deputy Manager where she has the responsibility of overseeing the Recruitment Team as well as continuing with the Placement Manager.

Our Staff

The rest of Acorn’s team have between them a wealth of experience gained from a variety of different settings all of which contributes to a well-informed, supportive, and stable team. We are a medium sized team with a friendly, professional approach to our work; made up of people from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and religions. We value our staff and are committed to helping them explore their interests through training and personal development.