Sibling Fostering

Keeping Brothers and Sisters Connected & Cared For

Siblings share an invaluable bond – a connection that runs deep and shapes their lives. At Acorn Fostering Services, we do everything in our power to preserve the sibling bond, keeping brothers and sisters together when they need emergency foster care or short-term placement during times of crisis.

Acorn Fostering Services is a private and independent fostering agency that provides sibling fostering placement services in Leicestershire and the surrounding counties. We work tirelessly to keep siblings connected and well cared for in safe, family-oriented environments that offer stability and a sense of hope and belonging.

A Steadfast Commitment to Keeping Siblings Together

Sibling fostering placements hold a special place in our hearts at Acorn Fostering. We recognize that the sibling relationship can be a vital source of love, support, and comfort for children in foster care, and we strive to keep brothers and sisters together whenever possible. Sibling foster placements provide them with the opportunity to thrive in a familiar and nurturing environment, and their bond can contribute to the emotional well-being and overall development of each child.

Acorn Fostering Services is dedicated to supporting siblings who require foster care. Our compassionate foster carers provide a safe and stable home environment where they can find solace and strength in each other’s presence. We understand the challenges siblings may face when they’re separated, and we do everything possible to ensure they remain close.

What to Expect as a Sibling Foster Carer

Caring for siblings requires a specialized approach and a foster carer that won’t feel overwhelmed by the circumstances. Our foster carers who provide support to siblings receive comprehensive training, access to ample resources, generous fostering allowances, and 24/7 support to help them meet the unique needs of sibling groups.

Local authorities will place siblings together in the same foster home when it’s appropriate, practical, and beneficial to their health and well-being. We work closely with families to develop individualized care plans that address the specific requirements of each child, taking into account their ages, personalities, and any additional support they may need. Our goal is to create a stable, loving environment and keep the kinship intact so siblings can experience the joys of childhood together.

Sibling Foster Carers – Pillars for a Brighter Future

Sibling fostering is a truly rewarding experience. As a foster carer of siblings, you’ll become the anchor that keeps them together and the integral element that provides them with a stable foundation for a happier present and a brighter future. The joy of seeing siblings grow, thrive, and overcome their circumstances is an immeasurable experience, and being their foster carer means facilitating that love and stability at every step through their journey in life.

Join Our Fostering Family Today

If you’re considering becoming a foster carer, we invite you to join our family of compassionate foster carers here at Acorn Fostering Services. By providing a healthy and balanced setting, you can help children in need of care receive the love and development support they deserve.

We welcome individuals and families from all different backgrounds who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and young people ages 0 to 18. Contact us today to learn more about sibling fostering placements and how you can play a vital role in preserving the bond between brothers and sisters.

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Our Teachers

Our Qualified Teacher

Shadab Ahmad

Director and ADM

Director Shadab is a qualified social worker with over 32 years post qualifying experience. He has an MA in social work and has worked in Local Authorities and the NSPCC as a manager before setting up Acorn Fostering Services in 2004. His main area of interest is protecting vulnerable children and providing them with new opportunities. He has experience of working with children in need, looked after children and child protection cases.

Anupam Srivastava


Director Anupam is a qualified social worker with over 34 years of post-qualification experience in social work. He has an MA in social work and worked with both statutory and voluntary sector. Prior to setting up Acorn Fostering Services in 2004, he was a neighbourhood Coordinator with Leicester City Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Programme. Anupam has vast experience of working with children and families.

Kshama Srivastava


Director Kshama has a background in Human Resources Management. Up until June 2014 she was working as a Human Resources professional in the NHS. In 2014, Kshama decided to leave her employment with the NHS to play an active role in Acorn Fostering Services. In her capacity as a Director, Kshama has assumed a lead responsibility for consultation with Staff, Foster carers and other stakeholders, Policy Review, and development along with bringing a vast and valuable contribution in the form of her knowledge and skills and abilities in the field of HR Management.

Lionel Boyce

Registered Manager

Lionel has 43 years’ experience of working in the social care field, ranging from his early work with people with severe mental and physical disabilities and working and managing in older person’s homes, working with children and families in a child care team. Over the last 25 years, Lionel has worked with children, in a child care operations team in various local authorities. Lionel moved to fostering in 1993 initially as a social worker and then as a team manager and service manager with local authorities and independent fostering agencies.

Julie Bailey

Deputy Manager

Julie has 13 years’ experience as a qualified Social Worker with Acorn Fostering Services. Julie started her social work career with Acorn in 2009, firstly as a Supervising Social Worker, then as Acorn’s Recruitment Officer. In October 2015 Julie moved to the post of Placement Manager where she has been able to use her knowledge of our fostering households to inform the risk and assessment process when matching placements. In October 2016 Julie was promoted to Deputy Manager where she has the responsibility of overseeing the Recruitment Team as well as continuing with the Placement Manager.

Our Staff

The rest of Acorn’s team have between them a wealth of experience gained from a variety of different settings all of which contributes to a well-informed, supportive, and stable team. We are a medium sized team with a friendly, professional approach to our work; made up of people from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and religions. We value our staff and are committed to helping them explore their interests through training and personal development.